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Six Month Smiles


If you need a trusted expert Orthodontist in Kent who offers the best teeth straightening treatments, then our state-of-the-art Bexleyheath clinic can help.

Having straighter teeth or wearing braces is not just for children. At Danson Park Dental Practice we offer our patients Six Month Smiles® which is a new short-term teeth straightening treatment which works similarly to traditional orthodontic braces but you get results in just six months.

The treatment uses brackets and wires just like conventional brace systems however, Six Month Smiles have produced an effective concept that has many plus points to benefit the patient.

The main benefit is that the fixings are clear brackets and wires that are the same colour as your teeth. This immediately makes the braces less visible leaving the patient more comfortable when talking, laughing and smiling.

6 month smiles Before
6 month smiles After
6 month smiles Before
6 month smiles After

The Six Month Smiles system only focuses on straightening teeth rather than the position of your bit so the course of treatment is quicker (just 6 months) as well as healthier.

Once your treatment is complete, teeth may still move so we recommend wearing a retainer to help you maintain the position of your teeth keeping that smile looking good for as long as possible.

Free teeth straightening Bexleyheath consultation

We would like to invite you along to our clinic in Bexleyheath to meet Dr Pessian and the team. We offer a free consultation which enables us to listen to you and understand your needs and expectations. Once we have a better understanding of what you would like we can create a treatment plan especially for you.

Although most of our adult orthodontic patients are from Bexleyheath, Bexley and Crayford, it is a great testament to our team that we have many satisfied patients from further afield in Kent.

Teeth Straightening
Frequently Asked Questions

How much does teeth straightening cost in Kent?

We have ensured our teeth straightening costs are extremely competitive compared to other expert orthodontists in Bexleyheath and Kent.

Whilst the cost of Six Month Smiles® is generally less expensive than traditional braces and aligners, the cost varies depending on your specific treatment goals and location. Your treatment coordinator will go through all of the fees with you in detail.

Are payment plans available?

To help spread the cost of this treatment, we are happy to offer 0% finance for 12 Months subject to approval from Braemar Finance.

Do I have to wear retainers?

Yes, as with all orthodontic treatment, a retainer is necessary to maintain the new, straight position of your teeth. There are a variety of retainer options you can choose from depending on your personal preference and situation.

Will my teeth really be the way I want them in six-months?

Six months is the average treatment time, Most patients finish right around this time, but treatment times may range from 4-9 months. You Orthodontist will give you an idea of how long your treatment might take at your consult.

How Six Month Smiles® works

Dental reviews from our patients

We strive to be the best dentist in Bexleyheath and our patients let us know we’re achieving this all the time. A patient recently said:

"I have nothing but praise for the professionalism of the treatment provided by Danson Park. I was aware of implants before my consultation, however, they made me aware of the different treatment options available and guided me through the benefits and drawbacks of each. The treatment was painless and the results wonderful. My daughters both use the clinic and are very pleased with the results of teeth straightening."

Call us today on 020 8303 3726 and schedule your free consultation with our Treatment co-ordinator to discover how straight teeth can change you smile, and your confidence! No more hiding behind people in photos... you’ll be standing at the front!

Teeth Straightening before and after photos

Use the slider to see our before and after results.

6 month smiles Before 6 month smiles After
6 month crowding Before 6 month crowding After
6 month smiles Before 6 month smiles After
6 month crowding Before 6 month crowding After

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