Loose Dentures Bexleyheath

Too many people have conventional dentures and do not wear them simply because they are uncomfortable, slip when they talk or they are unable to bite into their favourite food.

These problems are common especially with complete lower dentures as the space for a bulky acrylic denture is limited because of the position of the tongue and the contraction of the cheeks usually breaks the seal between the denture and the soft tissue making it to float in the mouth. That is why majority of the patients resort to wearing their lower denture with denture adhesives.

Denture adhesives although as short term are a good solution (we usually advise our patients to place a very small amount of adhesive on the fit surface of the dentures on special occasions when going out to social events) long term use is not really recommended as the patient may be swallowing excessive amount of adhesive.

Although this problem is usually experienced with the lower dentures, upper dentures are better tolerated as the support from the palate for the dentures is very good but on occasions we do come across patients who cannot tolerate the upper denture due to strong gag reflex.

Denture Implants Bexleyheath

That is why at Danson Park Dental Practice we routinely recommend placement of 2 implants for the support of the dentures. Implants give more support and stability to the dentures so that they have a better grip and less slippage. They can be fitted around the existing dentures or new dentures. The procedure involves placing 2 implants in the lower jaw surgically. If the bone quality and quantity is sufficient sometimes the implants can be loaded immediately at the time of surgery otherwise a few months wait is necessary for the implants to bond to the bone and become stronger.

If you would like to discuss your needs and problems related to your dentures please call us and we will be happy to discuss the options available for you.

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