Facial rejuvenation Bexleyheath

Are your laughter lines making you frown? We can help!

Danson Park Dental Practice might be better known for its excellent quality general dentistry in Bexleyheath, Kent but did you know we also offer facial aesthetics, dermal fillers and wrinkle reduction treatment?

If you’re looking for non-surgical, facial rejuvenation treatments, then look no further than Danson Park Dental Practice where you will find affordable treatments to reduce the signs of ageing, smooth wrinkles and facial lines.

Our full range of facial rejuvenation treatments provided by Danson Park principal dentist, Dr Forouzan Pessian, can help give you a fresher and younger-looking complexion by reducing the appearance of crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead furrows, laughter lines and neck lines.

We also offer dermal fillers from Restylane to help smooth facial lines and wrinkles by restoring volume and fullness to the skin and lips. Facial aesthetics treatment is simple, effective and long lasting. Before providing any you with any specific advice, we recommend an initial consultation at the practice so we can meet you in person and discuss your wishes and desires. During our consultation we can determine which treatment is right for you to bring you the best results and enhance your natural beauty.

According to new research revealed in the Sunday Times Style magazine (February 10, 2013) recently, facial rejuvenation injections can also affect your personality and make you happier.

Research carried out over the last ten years by American dermatologist Eric Finzi has found that injecting Anti wrinkle treatment into the forehead furrows (or “grief muscles”) can improve a person’s mood because the brain registers what the face is doing. Frowning makes your brain react pessimistically, not frowning has the reverse effect!

Facial Aesthetics Bexleyheath

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