New year, new you, new smile?

Oh go on then, just one more chocolate. Another glass of wine? Well, if you insist.

We are all familiar with the excesses of Christmas and then New Year comes along and we vow to have eaten, drunk or smoked our last sinful thing – it’s all steamed vegetables and bottled water from here on in.

Whatever our vice, there is one thing that rarely makes it onto any new year’s resolution list. The very thing we wear every day and is often the first thing people notice – our smile.

Looking after our teeth by brushing twice daily for two minutes with a fluoride toothpaste is essential for maintaining a lovely, healthy smile and should be backed up with regular flossing or the use of interdental brushes.

And while we can’t give you the figure of your dreams, the willpower of Bradley Wiggins or the athletic prowess of Jessica Ennis, we can help boost your confidence and get you smiling. Smiling releases happy hormones in our bodies, it makes us appear more friendly and welcoming, and it can even help open doors to a better career.

It might be that all you need is a thorough deep cleaning hygiene treatment to banish those red wine stains and give you a dazzling smile.

Perhaps tooth whitening is just the boost you need? Maybe there is a cracked, stained or unsightly tooth that has been niggling at you for some time, causing you to dread seeing the photos from your Christmas party?

Or that the time is right to finally do something about those crooked teeth. Whatever your dental desire, we can help.

There are a number of affordable, fast action hygiene and cosmetic treatments we can offer to help you make it the year of the smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Bexleyheath

If you would like arrange a cosmetic dentistry appointment, please don’t hesitate about contacting us. We pride ourselves on giving you the first-class care you need to keep your smile happy and healthy. You can book online via our contact form for a cosmetic dentist appointment in Bexleyheath or call us on 020 8303 3726.