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At the end of October last year new rules were passed that limit the strength of chemicals used in teeth whitening products.

The amendment means that teeth whitening products containing or releasing between 0.1 and 6 per cent hydrogen peroxide can now only be sold to dental practitioners, and that their first use on patients must be by a dental professional in a dental setting.

It is hoped the new rules will put an end to unqualified beauticians carrying out tooth whitening procedures.

The General Dental Council, the organisation that regulates all dental professionals in the UK, is reminding patients to see a dentist first if they are considering tooth whitening treatment.

Teeth whitening must only be carried out by a registered dentist or a dental hygienist or dental therapist on the prescription of a dentist.

Chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter OBE, said under the European Council’s new directive, safety levels around tooth whitening will substantially improve.

Dr Carter said, “Tooth whitening kiosks and the provision of whitening by beauticians pose a danger to our health. The procedure is often carried out by someone with no dental qualifications and can contain hydrogen peroxide above the recommended limit.

“By firmly outlawing tooth whitening treatments carried out in beauty salons and whitening kiosks, we are no longer left confused by who can carry out the procedure. If you want your teeth whitened, you must now visit a dental practice.”

Tooth whitening facts

1. Tooth whitening is one of the fastest growing areas of dentistry.

2. Most whitening products bought over the counter do not contain enough peroxide to be effective and are unlikely to change the colour of the teeth.

3. Whitening can last up to three years.

4. Whitening only works on natural teeth, not dentures, dental crowns or veneers.

5. Whitening toothpastes do not affect the colour of the teeth but may be more effective at removing staining to restore the natural colour of the teeth.

Teeth Whitening Bexleyheath

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