How your bite can be related to headaches

With everyone these days feeling the pinch, we have noticed more and more of our patients suffering from cluster and tension headaches. This can be related to day to day stresses of life and our demanding jobs but when combined with grinding of your teeth it can result to pain and discomfort over the jaw joints and muscles, which often is mistaken for cluster headaches.

Addressing and resolving the suspected cause of clenching and grinding is the first place to start. Malocclusion of the teeth (when teeth are not coming together perfectly) on its own is usually not a factor but combined with an emotionally stressful situation can trigger pain over the jaw joints and muscles.

To overcome this clinically there are a number of things we can offer, but the most conservative way to treat a tension/cluster headache is to wear a mouth guard.

This mouthgaurd will be constructed specifically to your bite, after taking special casts of your bite and mouth. The construction will take 2 weeks and the aim is to correct malocclusion and allow smooth movement of the lower jaw against the upper jaw without any interference so that the brain is not triggered into ordering the muscles around the jaw to become overactive.

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