Great Tips for nervous dental patients in bexleyheath

If you’re anxious about seeing the dentist, here are our tips to ease the fear:

  • Find an understanding dentist. Ask friends and family if they can recommend one or look for someone who advertises themselves as an expert with anxious patients.
  • If you’ve found someone you think may be suitable, call them first get a feel for them on the phone. Ask them as many questions you can to judge and get a feel for their levels of knowledge.
  • Try to go and visit the surgery and ask if one of the members of the team can show you around and explain in detail what happens on your first visit.
  • Make your appointment first thing in the morning so you have less time to dwell on it and get anxious. On your appointment have a friend or family member with you and ask them to join you in the examination room, most of us do not mind family members or friends accompanying our patients.
  • Start with something simple such as examination or a tooth polish, see if the dentist will explain all your options together with their pros and cons.
  • If you don’t get the full explanation then maybe they are not the right dentist for you, REMEMBER its usually the fear of unknown that makes us nervous.
  • If lying flat on the chair makes you nervous then let your dentist know, its always easy to find a position in the chair which is suitable for both of you.
  • Agree on a sign with your dentist that you need a break and want them to stop. It can be simple pointing your finger or raising your hand.
  • A good dentist will tell you step by step what is going on so you are well informed during the procedure so the fear of unknown is removed.
  • Start with simple items on your treatment plan and work your way up to more extensive treatment once you’ve build up trust and rapport with your dentist. A good dentist will ensure you have a painless treatment, we always numb the area with a numbing gel prior to Numbing injections, and we do not start any treatment unless we are 100% sure the area is completely numb.

In our experience playing classical music in the back ground has a very relaxing and calming effect and in all our clinics we have classical music playing however you are also welcome to bring your own music and listen to it during your treatment.

We hope that you have a painless, comfortable and relaxing dental treatment with us should you choose our clinic.

Dentist Bexleyheath

If you would like to feel less anxious about your dentist appointment, please don’t hesitate about contacting us. Our door is always open to new patients. You can book online via our contact form for a dentist appointment in Bexleyheath or call us on 020 8303 3726.