Emergency dentist appointments Bexleyheath Kent

When is a dental emergency not an emergency?

The answer to that, is when it blatantly isn’t.

A veneer coming off is an emergency while you are due to go to a very important function such as your own wedding whereas if its during any other time you maybe able to wait until an urgent appointment is made for you during office hours.

Another common urgent dentist emergency is a dental abscess. Dental abscesses can develop because of a nerve of a tooth becoming infected. This usually will require root canal treatment or tooth extraction.

In severe cases untreated dental abscesses can be life threatening. In Danson Park Dental Practice all are patients are screened and potential problematic teeth are identified and treated before such situations are developed.

However should you be so unfortunate to develop a dental abscess and the problem arises during non working hours, you can count on our dental team who will go out of their way to make themselves available for advise and necessary treatment.  You can book online via our contact form for a emergency dentist appointment in Bexleyheath or call us on 020 8303 3726.