Teeth Whitening for Life at Bexleyheath Dentist

Danson Park Dental Whitening Membership Plan:

Ever wanted a long lasting bright white smile, as well as excellent dental care? The Danson Park Dentist Membership Plan will give you both.
With just a one off joining fee of only £75.00, you can benefit from all of the below. The dentist membership plan includes:

2 free dental health checks and 2 free hygiene visits
2 free x-rays and 2 free oral cancer screens
10% off all treatments not covered by your plan
Free emergency appointments during surgery hours (excluding treatment)
Plus: Teeth Whitening for Life

From just £18.36 per month

If you are interested in the Danson Park Teeth Whitening for Life Plan call us on  020 8303 3726 for more information.