Automated Electronic Defibrillation (AED) at Bexleyheath Dentist

The practice has also recently purchased an Automated Electronic Defibrillation (AED).

The team have received a significant training with Dr Trivedy from Burwood Co-operation and furthermore I also have recently completed a 2 day course on Advanced life support (ALS).

This course is mainly designed for our medical colleagues and is not part of the regulatory requirements for us as dentists, it was like stepping into one the scenes for casualty. I certainly felt slightly out of place and out of my depth, with all the medical jargon’s and ECG’s flying about, but although it was very hard, the course was completed and exams were past.

I can now say I feel quite confident in leading the team in a real medical emergency should it arise while the patient is in our dental surgery.

However our aim is to learn and spot the warning signs before any collapse specially with patients who have compromised medical history and try to prevent emergencies rather than treating them. Should a patient suffer from cardiac arrest using the defibrillator where the rhythm of the heart is shockable can be life saving.

We are all delighted at our recent purchase and we all hope that we NEVER have to use this equipment and forever it stays new as the day we bought it.