New Dentist Website Launched

Danson Park Dental Practice Website

Welcome to our new dental website and our new dental blog. After 3 months of back and forth discussions and emails it is at last up and running. It certainly feels like a major refurbishment of my house and I like to show it off to everyone I come across. The first thing I say is “Have you seen our New Website.” I even managed to show it to my cleaner at home who cannot even speak English.

I have been so glad to meet Alex and his team from design4dentists and Kate from Mint. We took their advice on board when it came to the brand, the website and search engine optimisation. I realised how little I knew about this fascinating cyber world.

The new website is so much more exciting and easier to navigate with many special offers including free consultations for teeth whitening. My favourite is the whitening for life, where by joining our practice plan you will have the home whitening kit and the necessary bleaching tubes together with your 2 annual examination and hygienist visits all for £18.36.

Now the challenge for me is writing for the weekly blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish me luck!!!!!!!!

Dentist Bexleyheath

If you need a dentist appointment, please don’t hesitate about contacting us. We pride ourselves on giving you the first-class care you need to keep your smile happy and healthy. You can book online via our contact form for a dentist appointment in Bexleyheath or call us on 020 8303 3726.