Expert Lip and Dermal Fillers in Kent (Bexley)

If you need a trusted, highly rated dentist in Kent offering quick and safe lip or dermal fillers then our modern clinic in Bexleyheath can help.

Dermal filler and lip filler treatments are becoming increasing popular at our state-of-the-art clinic in Bexleyheath, mainly because they are a quick, safe and affordable way to dramatically reduce your wrinkles.

Our facial rejuvenation expert Dr Zahida Johal (GDC No 65750) has 30 years experience, is passionate about enhancing people's natural beauty and is known for her patient and caring manner.

All our dentists are registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) and our practice is regularly monitored and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) so you can rest assured you are in safe hands with our experts.

It is a great testament to the quality of our service and wrinkle reduction treatments that we have many repeat customers from all over Kent, not just Bexleyheath, Welling and Bexley.

About Lip fillers

The cosmetic surgery / non-surgical procedure that increases the fullness of the lips using fillers is known as lip augmentation and is our most popular lip enhancement treatment.

Lip fillers are on trend at the moment and are a much better (but more expensive) alternative to just plumping your pout with liner.

How long does lip filler treatment take?

Prior to the filler injection, the lips are cleansed and numbed via a dental block.

Lip filler treatment usually takes around 15-20 minutes in total, depending if you are just having part of a lip, one lip or both lips treated on.

Our clinician will also recommend the amount of solution required to help suit your facial features as this varies depending on the individual.

Are lip fillers safe?

There are probably hundreds of beauticans, clinics and dentists offering lip filler treatments in Kent - some at cheap, discounted prices.

We strongly advise against getting this treatment done at a spa or beauty salon as the beautician won't be as medically qualified as a doctor or dentist and won't be able to administer any medication if there are any complications.

Although current legislation does not prevent therapists or beauticians from performing injectable treatments such as lip fillers, it is likely that this will be regulated in the near future.

I'm sure you've seen many celebrity horror stories, so please be careful and try and find a lip filler expert via word of mouth recommendations, reading reviews and asking questions and seeing proof of their qualifications and previous work.

Do lip fillers hurt?

We apply numbing cream prior to the treatment and the process feels abit like someone pinching your lip.

When done correctly, lip fillers should feel exactly the same as your normal lips.

How long do lip fillers last?

You can expect to see an immediate improvement with a degree of swelling in the first 24 hours.

Temporary fillers will need to be re-done every six to nine months, with semi-permanent fillers lasting over two years, however these times vary depending on the patient's age and type of brand used.

If you are thin, the fillers may not last as long due to your metabolism breaking down the fillers faster.

Can lip fillers be undone?

Since lip fillers aren't permanent, they will gradually reduce over time. However if you want them to return to normal immediately, you can request another injection that dissolves the filler within about 5 minutes.

How fillers help to get younger looking skin?

Skin ages naturally and loses extracellular proteins, fat and other natural moisturising substances. Other factors such as over exposure to the sun, consistent smoking and poor diet can all increase the ageing process of our skin. As we get older and our skin becomes thinner and therefore lines and folds naturally start to appear.

Non-surgical treatment called Dermal Fillers is another way to help reduce wrinkles. This can achieve a more youthful appearance by creating volume to the face and lips almost immediately after treatment.

A local anesthetic cream is used to make the treatment as comfortable as possible, the dermal fillers requires an injection into the skin. For areas close to the mouth such as the lips, we may use a dental anesthetic to freeze the area before injecting.

How long do dermal filler results last?

The results can last between six to twelve months and most people can benefit from this treatment. At Danson Park Dental Practice, we will advise you of any concerns you may have.

All the necessary medical questions are asked before any treatment is carried out.

How much do dermal & lip fillers cost?

We have ensured or anti-wrinkle treatment prices are extremely competitive compared to other dermal filler experts in Kent.

0% Interest Free Credit

We also offer 0% Interest free finance to help make the treatments more affordable by spreading the cost over the year.

Treatment prices will be provided following your consultation but to see our latest prices and special discounts please visit our fees page.

Dental reviews from our patients

We strive to be the best lip fillers dentist in Bexley and beyond and our patients let us know we’re achieving this all the time. A patient recently said:

"From the moment I walked through the door to the moment I left the staff were fantastic and helpful at all times. I've not had positive visits to Dental Surgeries in the past but I would strongly recommend Danson Park Dental Practice as I felt the service was first class. Thank you guys."

For further information on Dermal / Lip Fillers or to book a consultation call us on 020 8303 3726.

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