Crowns & Bridges at Danson Park Dental Practice in Bexleyheath, Kent

Unlike veneers which cover the tooth partially, porcelain crowns cover the entire tooth surface and are used to restore severely fractured or heavily restored teeth. Crowns can be made using various materials. The majority of patients would prefer all porcelain crowns which matches very nicely to the natural teeth.

The porcelain is incredibly strong and the one of the main benefits of using all porcelain crown is to avoid showing a black line which is associated and seen with conventional metal ceramic crowns.

Crowns, are fitted over the tooth and usually will take around 2 weeks to be made in the laboratory, during this time you will have a temporary crown fitted over the tooth. Your opinion on the shape /size and the colour of the newly fabricated crown will be taken into account from your first appointment with us.

A bridge is constructed in the same way as a crown and used to replace missing teeth, a conventional bridge will use 2 teeth on either side of the gap to for support, bridges are quiet destructive to the tooth structure and not as popular option as they were in the past for replacing missing teeth.

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Crown before and after

Before Dental Crowns After Dental Crowns
Before Dental Crowns After Dental Crowns
Before Full mouth reconstruction After Full mouth reconstruction

Bridge before and after

Before Dental Bridges After Dental Bridges
Before Dental Bridges After Dental Bridges
Before Dental Bridges After Dental Bridges

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