Dental Membership Plans in Bexleyheath, Kent

Why become a Member?

We currently have 2 plans set up to help our patients afford private dental and Cosmetic treatments.

Our Dental Plan spreads the cost of your clinical examination and Hygiene treatment over the year whereas our cosmetic plan will allow you to spread the cost of your facial rejuvenation treatment throughout the year. Both plans also offer fantastic discounts for other treatments and services within the practice.

Our Dental Health Plan will give complete peace of mind, relaxed appointments in a friendly and calm atmosphere and 10% discount off any other treatment you may require (excluding implants).

Benefits of joining the payment plan, which is a preventative-based care plan:

  • Affordable monthly direct debit payments
  • Full dental examination, including advice, treatment planning, oral health screening
  • Periodontal services, including full scale and polish, removal of tartar and build-up, review of current oral hygience procedures, periodontal screening and advice, preventative techniques to help reduce decay and gum disease, pocket charting to measure and monitor any gum shrinkage
  • X-rays up to 2 a year
  • 10% discount on our normal treatment rates for any treatment that is required (excluding implants)
  • Free assessment of dental pain during practice opening hours – normally £75.00
  • Free antibiotics provided on site when necessary – no queuing at the chemist and no prescription fee

The plan includes each year:

  • 2 free clinical examinations
  • 2 free hygiene treatments
  • Up to 2 routine x-rays
  • 2 oral cancer screenings
  • Advice on oral health and hygiene

If you are interested in the Danson Park Members Plan simply fill in our enquiry form or call 020 8303 3726 for more information.

Tooth Whitening for Life Plan

Danson Park Dental Whitening Membership Plan:

Ever wanted a long lasting bright white smile, as well as excellent dental care? The Danson Park Dental Whitening Membership Plan will give you both.

With a joining fee of only £10, you can benefit from all of the above standard membership plan which includes:

  • 2 free dental health checks and 2 free hygiene visits
  • 2 free x-rays and 2 free oral cancer screens
  • 10% off all treatments not covered by your plan (excluding implants)
  • Free emergency appointments during surgery hours (excluding treatment)
  • Plus: Tooth Whitening for Life

Benefits of being a Plan Member:

Non Members Members
Joing Fee - £10.00
Initial Consultation £50.00 £50.00
2 x Six Monthly Examinations £72.00 Included
2 x Six Monthly Hygiene Sessions £104.00 Included
2 x Radiographs £22.00 Included
Emergency Appointment £75.00 Included
Private Prescription £11.00 Included
Discount N/A 10% (Excluding Implants)
Tooth Whitening* £299.00 £110.00
Total Cost £632.00 £384.00

Being a Member will save you at least £199.60

If you are interested in the Danson Park Tooth Whitening for Life Plan simply fill in our enquiry form or call 020 8303 3726 for more information.

Terms & Conditions: 1. Dentists or hygienists must carry out an oral examination before confirming if patients can qualify for any whitening treatment. 2. For home Tooth Whitening patients must first visit our practice to have bespoke custom moulds and trays made. Initial home tooth whitening, includes trays and approximately four syringes (two weeks supply). 3. Members are eligible for 1 syringe once per year for the time on the plan. 4. Any further gels required are only £25.00 per two weeks supply. 5. Reward vouchers cannot be used towards monthly payments or extra Tooth Whitening gels. 6. Tooth Whitening offer cannot be transferred to another person - this is only available to the named policy holder.

Danson Park Face Plan

If the cost of your next wrinkle reduction treatment is adding a furrow to your brow, don't worry we've got the solution for it. we have developed three bespoke Face plans to suit every budget and desire. It allows you to spread the cost of your facial rejuvenation treatment into more manageable monthly payments rather than having to find the full amount in one go.

Benefits are:

  • 10% off Skin Ceutical Skincare Range
  • 10% off dermal fillers for your lips or lower face
  • Free refining injections within 2 weeks of your initial treatment

If you are interested in the Danson Park Face Plan simply fill in our enquiry form or call 020 8303 3726 for more information.